Preventative Maintenance


Like any other aspect of your building, your roof requires maintenance to function properly throughout its life. Your roof is the most vital asset to your building and protects everything within it. Routine inspections and maintenance can ultimately preserve the functionality of your roof throughout its entire lifecycle. That’s what we do through our RoofSaver Preventative Maintenance Program. We inspect, repair, and maintain your roof so you can have peace of mind — Leave the roof to us.

Think of it this way

  • Would your car function properly if you didn’t change the oil, get new tires, and replace the wiper blades periodically?
  • Would your HVAC unit function properly if you didn’t change the air filter or add Freon as needed?
  • Would YOU function properly if you didn’t visit your doctor, drink plenty of water, and get some sleep every day?


Efficiently maintain the most vital asset to your building—The Roof

We can even manage the warranty and claims process for you. We maintain your roof to uphold your warranty as well as manage any insurance/warranty claims if an issue occurs.

What does your roof go through?


  • Heavy rainfall
  • High winds
  • Extended rainfall
  • Sun exposure
  • Heavy snowfall


  • Leaks
  • Blow-offs, uplift
  • Ponding, leaks
  • Blistering, erosion
  • Excessive weight, collapse

What do the causes have in common? They occur naturally and are unavoidable.

What do the effects have in common? They are preventable when your roof is properly maintained throughout its life cycle.

It doesn’t have to be a headache… Our program is designed to be hassle-free

Kalkreuth Roofing and Sheet Metal provides you with 24/7, secure access to a customized online customer portal containing warranties, work orders, photos, invoices, building information, and any project history.

Roofsaver Program

Our RoofSaver Preventive Maintenance program is the only way to prepare your roof for the next disaster. With a RoofSaver agreement in place, your roof will take priority in an emergency situation

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