Roof Replacement

Kalkreuth Roofing and Sheet Metal has experience with delivery methods for any roof replacement project.

  • Privately funded
  • Publicly funded
  • Design-Build

  • Specification driven
  • Architect / engineer designed
  • Roof consultant designed

For publicly funded projects, Kalkreuth Roofing and Sheet Metal frequently participates in formal bid processes, which typically include bid/surety bonds, professionally prepared bid forms, legal documents, and public bid openings for entities such as township, county, city, and state governments. Kalkreuth has substantial bonding capacity due to our size and firm foothold in the industry.

Kalkreuth has extensive experience in performing inspections and providing consulting services for privately-funded projects. Kalkreuth prides itself on meeting with each customer to determine goals for their building, and we work with our customers to achieve the desired results. The roof replacement process typically involves budgeting for funding, core analysis, professional measuring and consulting for appropriate roofing system and material selection. We can also advise the customer for proper asbestos testing services and offer professional and personal recommendations for decking replacement, interior protection, and scheduling to minimize interruptions.

We offer a full range of solutions from full replacement to retrofit. Depending on roof conditions and project-specific recommendations, we provide a range of options from tear-off to overlays. In the event your inspection reveals a lesser need, we also provide roof repairs and renewals when a complete re-roof is not required immediately.

If only repairs and maintenance are recommended, we offer the RoofSaver program, which is recommended for any roofing project.

Preparation before the storm

Our RoofSaver Preventative Maintenance program is the only way to prepare your roof for the next disaster. With a RoofSaver agreement in place, your roof will take priority in an emergency situation. Learn more about our RoofSaver Preventative Maintenance program:

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New Construction

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