Not only has Kalkreuth Roofing and Sheet Metal earned a ranking among the top roofing contrators in the country, but we also pride ourselves on the ability to find solutions for architects in order to make their sustainability goals a reality.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard. This choice and commitment is clear in the products we use, in our installation practices and in waste disposal mechanisms we have adopted. We are smart about the materials we use and ensure that as many materials set for disposal as possible end up in the recycling stream.

Our processes on these projects often lowers the energy costs of a structure, effectively manages storm water runoff and generally takes sustainability to a whole new level.

Benefits of sustainable building solutions

  • Energy efficiency
  • Equal building costs to conventional
  • Storm water management

  • Added green spaces
  • Cost-effective maintenance

Kalkreuth Roofing and Sheet Metal is part of the communities in which we live and work. Through our sustainability efforts, we continue to apply environmentally friendly roofing systems and have proven the diversity of their applications. More than 60% of our work involves green initiatives.

Recent examples of our “green” efforts include the Tower at PNC Plaza in Pittsburgh, PA, which is considered the greenest office tower in North America, and Dunbar Senior High School in Washington, D.C.; the greenest high school ever built.

Leed Project Spotlight

The Tower At PNC Plaza

Pittsburgh, PA

This project is LEED Platinum®

Dunbar Senior High School

Washington, DC

This project is LEED Platinum®

Companies that partner with Kalkreuth reap the benefits of “green” building initiatives with tax incentives, energy savings, increased building value, healthier employees, and cleaner, more sustainable overall environments. As “green” building partners, the choices we make will help lead a legacy of sustainability throughout the eastern United States, not only for us, but for our valued customers.

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