Rainscreen Systems

Rainscreen systems are made from a variety of materials to provide a wide array of colors, textures and finishes to a building façade. The key aspect of a rainscreen wall is that the exterior veneer or “cladding” stands off of the air/vapor barrier surface of the building structure. The cladding material sheds the majority of precipitation while the airspace behind allows moisture to drain through weep holes and evaporate from the wall surface.

Fiber Cement

Made from a combination of cellulose fiber, cements and pigments, fiber cement cladding can be formed into various shapes and sizes and offer a choice of colors. The cellulose material is often organic and therefore the recycled content is an advantage in green construction.

Terra Cotta

Made from clay, terra cotta tiles can be formed into various shapes and sizes. Terra cotta is a very long-lasting product with environmentally-friendly properties. Most terra cotta systems are attached with concealed metal rails

Metal Composite Panels

Metal composite panels are “sandwich panels” with the panel material ranging in thickness from 3mm to 8mm. The metal panel material consists of a heavy-duty polyethylene core sandwiched between two thin layers of either aluminum or zinc metal. Most composite panels are factory-finished with a durable Kynar paint system, and the material is “routed and returned” to form box shapes. Panels are held together with aluminum extrusion framing and a variety of joint types are available.

Metal Plate Panels

Metal Plate panels are typically constructed from mill-finish aluminum in thicknesses from .063” to .125” thick and are post-painted with Kynar paint finish. These panels are often attached with an extrusion framing system or with a simple faceting flange. Metal Plate Panels are typically used in high-traffic areas because of their resistance to damage.


Single-skin panels can be made from a variety of raw materials such as aluminum, steel, zinc, copper and stainless steel. Single-skin panels have a wide selection of profiles and finishes for the customer to choose from. Panels made from zinc or copper may have a natural finish while aluminum or steel may be painted. Single Skin Metal Panels are typically used when in applications when cost is a significant factor.

Metal Tiles & Shingles

Metal tiles can be made from a variety of raw materials such as copper, zinc, stainless steel, aluminum, and either galvanized or galvalume steel. Tiles are typically fabricated from natural metals such as copper or zinc, though sometimes painted aluminum or steel is used.

Custom Metal Fabrication

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Insulated Metal Panels

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